Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Chadron Public Schools has regularly conducted surveys to analyze stakeholder feedback and identify strengths and possible areas for growth. This past spring we conducted surveys as part of our accreditation process.  The survey results from this year provide valuable insights into various aspects of the school district.

Survey results for 2023 indicate a positive environment in the district. Students feel the school district has caring and qualified teachers who take an interest in their education. Educators feel encouraged in their roles and they strive for inclusivity and collaboration while making students feel safe and respected. Families feel respected by the school district and expressed positive perspectives on various aspects of their child's school experience. Surveys showed unity as a district strength and stakeholders felt like they were part of a community dedicated to helping all students succeed.

There were some opportunities for growth noted such as increasing personalized learning experiences, expanding the use of digital tools, and continuing to increase collaboration and feedback with stakeholders when possible.

You can read more about current and past surveys as part of our school improvement process on the district website under the district resources or by clicking the link below.

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