Tuesday, January 12, 2021


I hope everyone had a great and restful break.  The weather has been so nice. 

Good news from the Unicameral.  Senator Walz (an educator) was voted as the Chair of the Education Committee.  This will be a nice change.

Over break, I had some communication with some of the community.  The communication came as a thank you. Thank you for getting our kids in class and keeping them there.  Thank you for letting them participate in activities.  Thank you for everything you are doing.  My answer is always the same.  Thank you, but it is not me.  It is the CPS staff.  They are ROCKSTARS.  The kids are awesome with the protocols.  This is sincerely a group and community effort.  

NDE is allowing us to give some needed breaks due to CoVid.  They gave us 5 days basically.  I do not intend to use 5 days.  We are thinking about January 22, February 16, and March 26.  January 22 is our big wrestling meet that normally happens at the College.  This year CSC have declined to host because of CoVid.  We would like to go ahead and have the meet.  This would bring many to our school.  We would need to start the meet earlier than if it were at the college because of space.  We will use both gyms.  February 16 will extend a break for students.  March 26 is Quiz Bowl at the Middle School, so this helps with capacity  These are days off for kids, not the staff.  

I want to thank you all!!!  Happy New Year.

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